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We have collaborated closely with WesCEF, a subsidiary of Wesfarmers, since 2015. A notable piece of work has been to design a comprehensive document outlining their Decarbonisation Journey towards achieving net zero emissions. Working alongside WesCEF stakeholders, we carefully researched and incorporated their transition requirements into impactful visual elements.

We immersed ourselves in understanding WesCEF’s decarbonisation goals and challenges, ensuring that our visuals accurately represented their vision. Through meticulous design, we created graphics, charts, and infographics that illustrate the stages and milestones of their sustainability plan.

The result is a visually compelling document that guides stakeholders through WesCEF’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions. Our partnership with WesCEF exemplifies their dedication to sustainability and inspires action within the industry.

Embarking on a transformative journey? Let us be your creative catalyst, crafting visually captivating materials that communicate your goals and progress. Together, we’ll map out a path to a greener future.