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The City of Joondalup embarked on a rebranding project for Craigie Leisure Centre to establish a unique and distinct identity for the facility while maintaining its association with the city. The objective of this branding exercise was to develop a brand that would reposition Craigie Leisure Centre as an independent entity endorsed by the City of Joondalup.

The brand’s revitalisation has resulted in a bold and modern identity that captivates attention in a fun and exciting manner. The vibrant colour palette demands notice and the logo mark, while simple, retains its recognisable presence.

The design concept integrates diagonal geometries to evoke a sense of movement and excitement, coupled with dynamic design layouts. The logomark and typography are both circular in geometry, symbolising unity and wholeness, and reflecting the values of community and personal wellness.

To maintain flexibility, the City of Joondalup endorsement can either be attached to the logo or used as a detached element, allowing it to function independently or be linked to the overall brand. This approach provides versatility to the brand and its applications.

The project showcases a breakdown of the brand’s logo elements, emphasising their significance and meaning. Additionally, a suite of example applications illustrates how the rebranded identity can be implemented across various mediums, highlighting the brand’s cohesive and engaging visual presence.

Overall, the rebranding initiative for Craigie Leisure Centre successfully establishes a distinct identity, supported by the endorsement of the City of Joondalup. The brand’s boldness, modernity, and dynamic visual elements reinforce its commitment to aquatics, fitness, sports, and classes, while capturing the attention and interest of its target audience.