Fremantle Story Website

Fremantle Story Website

Client: City of Fremantle
Created: Friday, 25 April 2014 07:43
Category: Web Design

The City of Fremantle wanted to develop a website and campaign that would attract more business for it's community. The website acts as a hub for everything that there is to see in Fremantle such as restaurants, events, tourist attractions and local businesses.

From a navigational point-of-view, our first priority was to establish the key areas that visitors may want to explore. We ended up with Arts & Culture, Eat & Drink, See & Do, Events & Festivals, and Shopping. Each of these categories feature their own icons and colour schemes, making it easier to find what you are looking for. Each category has a unique set of search features tailored to what people might be looking for. For instance, Eat & Drink can be filtered by precinct, cuisine type, meal type, meal price, alcohol and audience.

The website also features a lazy load function on the home page so visitors can continue browsing without reloading the page. However, the real feature of this website is the backend management for the City's staff. It is extremely custom and allows for very specific control over the content that goes on to the website.

As this website is for a government organisation, it is compulsory to ensure that the website and it's content is at least Level A WCAG compliant. This website goes beyond that by including several important Level AA features. The website was also designed to be viewed on a range of devices.

CSS Design Award