nib / Kinetic Partnership Brochures

nib / Kinetic Partnership Brochures

Client: nib / Kinetic Health
Created: Monday, 16 August 2010 02:56
Category: Print Design

Kinetic Health (previously known as Prime Health Group and Gemini Medical) has partnered with nib health. To inform both Kinetic Health and nib customers of the partnership Media Engine was asked to create an A3 bifold brochure that describes the nature of the business relationship and how both groups of customers get the best of both worlds.

It was very important to co-brand the document so that it was easily recognised by customers. Therefore, the main colour scheme features nib's main colour palette and font faces for the layout and a universal grey strip on the bottom of the entire document featuring Kinetic Health's byline, logo and grey swatch.

The layout is clear and easy to read, but also bold and interesting making the experience of reading through the brochure a pleasent and interesting one. There is three service groups that they wanted to emphasize in this document that are clearly divided by three colour bars.


CSS Design Award