Awards Booklet 2010

Awards Booklet 2010

Client: City of Rockingham
Created: Thursday, 22 April 2010 09:00
Category: Print Design

cor-awards01The City of Rockingham holds an annual awards for the members, organisations and groups of the community that contribute in some way to Rockingham. For the 2010 awards Media Engine decided to create something prestigious and classy.

To present the awards brochures in a prestigious fashion, we designed them to have a chic gloss watermark on top of a matt cover with a solid colour background. The watermark is of the City of Rockingham logo, but utilises varying line thicknesses to represent each different colour in the logo.

There are two streams of awards, therefore there should be two slightly different awards brochures to represent this. Though similar in design, one brochure is colour coded red to represent one stream of awards and the other colour coded blue for the other stream of awards.

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