SCEE Intranet System

SCEE Intranet System

Client: Southern Cross Electrical Engineering
Created: Wednesday, 24 August 2011 14:12
Category: Online Software

Southern Cross Electrical Engineering required an intranet system that all of their staff could use Australia-wide. The systems was designed to be easy-to-use, easy-to-manage and load quickly regardless of the user's connection speed.

The system hosts a variety of features and sections that staff can access according to their permissions level. The key feature of this system is the document repository, which is a universal location that all documents owned by SCEE can be stored allowing access from staff anywhere within the country.

Upon launching the intranet and logging in, the user is taken to their dashboard, which gives them access to quicklinks that allow them to skip directly to the desired location. The dashboard also features recent internal news for staff, a quick search, stock price for staff invested in the company, RSS world news headlines and the local weather.

Deeper within the intranet the users can access a global phonebook, which can be updated and expanded on any time. The phonebook houses information such as emails, phone numbers, locations, descriptions, etc. Another great feature is the electronic forms designed to make things easier like booking your holidays, change bank details, salary sacrifice, and much more.

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