Australian Skin Cancer Branding

Australian Skin Cancer Branding

Client: Australian Skin Cancer Clinics
Created: Wednesday, 21 September 2011 08:30
Category: Branding

Media Engine was given the opportunity by Australian Skin Cancer Clinics to produce a logo and brand concept. We began the project by sourcing relevant imagery and themes that we felt were necessary to producing the most appropriate brand. The vibe we decided to approach the design was coastal/outdoors themed, family orientated, positive emotions and professionalism. From this we devised a bright and fresh colour palette that was both corporate and accommodating.ausskin-branding01

The logo features a sun disk logo that represents not only the sun, but also forms an infinite circle made of overlapping elements. This symbolises a sense of community and togetherness, which is both appropriate for the customer/patient and the staff.

The sun disk can also be used separately as a supporting brand element that compliments the entire design of adverts, collateral material and corporate documents. To create a seemless integration of the disk, we use a multiply effect that creates an additive transparency.

CSS Design Award