Mine of the Future 02

Mine of the Future 02

Client: Rio Tinto
Created: Tuesday, 28 February 2012 04:50
Category: Advertising

rio2As an alternative to our last advertisement for Rio Tinto, we took the approach of a more symbolic and abstract image to promote their Mine of the Future. To do this we felt portraying the mine as a smart mine as the best approach.

This was accomplished by developing an image of a semi-open pit mine that looked very much like a brain, which invokes the idea of intelligence. Navigating the complex workings of the 'brain' pit mine are smart driverless trucks capable of working out the complexities of the mine themselves. The choice of environment is that of a native Australian landscape rich with red dirt, letting readers know that this is an Australian project by the large world wide corporation.

The tagline remained the same as the last advert, emphasising on the advancements in Rio Tinto's mining technology, followed by a short and brief set of copy below inviting people to come and join the Rio Tinto team.

CSS Design Award