Mine of the Future 01

Mine of the Future 01

Client: Rio Tinto
Created: Wednesday, 15 February 2012 10:11
Category: Advertising

rio1Rio Tinto required the services of Media Engine to conceptualise and produce a series of advertisements promoting their new Mine of the Future campaign. Our main focus was to produce something different and unique that would get peoples attention and at the same time explain the concept of "Mine of the Future". To do this we singled out Rio Tinto's latest piece of machinery, driverless remote controlled haul trucks, and demonstrated in a symbolic way how smart their gear actually is.

To do this we designed and developed an advertisement that depicts a mine worker playing chess and losing against the big haul truck, showing the intelligence of the vehicles. To acquire the final result, we needed to combine multiple photos and alter the lighting of the entire photo to tie all elements together. Convincing lighting and shadows was key to making it realistic. It was also very important to keep the design bright and vibrant, emphasizing on the strong yellows in the foreground and deep earth colours in the background.

The tagline is "Driverless Smart-Trucks? Now that's a Smart Move." This puts emphasis on the advancements Rio Tinto is making in the industry and then follows with a positive statement. This explains that not only is Rio Tinto making a smart move, but as a career option you would be making a smart move too by joining the Rio team. This serves as two functions on the advert, one promoting their advancements in technology and the other promoting that they are searching for new industry professionals to join their growing team.

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